What it does:
DeToxin helps you restore your body’s Natural Healing Power through the:

  • Regeneration of liver cells
  • Increase in the elimination of heavy metals and food additives by the detoxification process
  • Increase in the liver detoxification process
  • Activation of metabolic functions in the stomach
  • Activation of colon cells
  • Enhancement of kidney elimination
  • Increase in overall energy
  • Removal of metabolic waste products in the blood vessel walls
  • Increase of leukocyte (white blood cells
Body Toxicity Questionnaire


  1. Don’t you eat and/or sleep well, or go to the bathroom regularly?
  2. Does your face or body suffer from swelling, inflammation, and/or rashes?
  3. How does the environment affect your skin? Is your skin sensitive to the environment?
  4. Do you often get migraines, headaches, and/or a tingling sensation in your brain?
  5. Do you have dark circles under your eyes?
  6. Do you have bad breath and/or overly noticeable body odor?
  7. Do you like to eat wheat or corn?
  8. Do you have a skin infection?
  9. Do you have musculoskeletal pain, and/or cramps or numbness in hands and feet?
  10. In general, do you frequently eat fast foods (hamburger, hotdogs), processed foods (spam, canned vegetables, fruits, and meats), dairy products (milk and cheese), meat, or ramen noodle?
  11. Do you think you gain weight from just drinking water?
  12. Do you often get diarrhea or constipated?
  13. Do you have allergic reactions to certain foods?
  14. Do you suffer from frequent indigestion such as extreme fullness or stomach discomfort (bloating /gas) after eating?
  15. Do you often have a runny or stuffy nose? (Allergic rhinitis)
  16. Is your tongue more often covered by a white coating?
  17. Are you craving sugary foods such as chocolate, soda (soft drink), or donuts, etc?
  18. Do you have persistent joint and/or muscle pain?
  19. Do you get easily tired from moving around or feel a lack of motivation for life?
  20. Do you feel a crawling and tingling sensation all over your body as if threadworms were crawling on your body?
  21. Is it difficult for you to sleep or fall into deep sleep?
  22. Do you use commercial laundry detergent/cleaning product with Clorox in your home?
  23. Do you have sensitivity to chemical odors in the environment? For example, you feel more nauseated when you fill up a gas tank, and you are more sensitive to dry cleaning odors or the scent of spicy and herb in food than before.
  24. Are there times you mentally feel hazy or blurry in vision
  25. Do you use cosmetics, shampoo, hairsprays that contain harsh chemicals?
  26. Do you use or touch many plastic containers/chemical products on a regular basis?
  27. Do you live within 100m (328 ft.) of a busy road or highway?
  28. Do you find it hard to lose weight even when you watch your diet?
  29. Have you ever had any of your organs removed before?
  30. Do you feel continuously chronic pregnancy symptom or any chronic pain after anesthesia?
  31. Do you often feel frustrated or easily get angry?
  32. Do you have amnesia (forgetfulness) or severe forgetfulness?
  33. Do you often feel tired throughout the day or the week and you feel that it accumulates?
  34. Do you eat fried foods or grilled meats on charcoal/coal fire more than once a week?
  35. Do you eat donuts or any other sugar sweet desserts at least three times a week?
  36. Do you often get hiccups?
  37. Do you eat your meat cooked well done?
  38. Do you drink at least two glasses of soda in place of water, which you drink less than two glasses of per day?
  39. Have you in your life smoked for five years even if it was a small amount?
  40. Have you been around people (family, friends, or co-workers) that smoked tobacco close to you for five years or more?
  41. Do you like to eat your food salty or often eat curing foods (salted fishes or meats) regularly?
  42. Do you drink a minimum of five cans of beer or two bottles of soju (sake) a week?
  43. In the past ten years, have you ever taken prescription painkillers, medical marijuana, cold medicines containing codeine more than five days?
  44. Do you suspect your kids have ever experimented with marijuana, ecstasy, inhalants, methamphetamine (philipon-the commercial name), heroin, steroid, as well as having taken analgesics and tranquilizer containing drug substances, or cough medicine containing codeine even once or twice?
  45. Do you have any pets at home?
  46. Do you have frequent or urgent urination?
  47. Do you have chronic coughing? 
  48. Do you have watery or itchy eyes? 
  49. Do you have swollen, reddened, sticky eyelids? 
  50. Do you have earaches or ear infections? 

Take 5 tablets twice daily with meals. Keep bottle tightly closed.

200 Tablets

Click here for more Detoxin Information (PDF)

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