Castol ( Detox-21)


Nabeco’s Hormone is a dietary supplement to help women improve their skin condition from hormonal imbalances.


CASTOL anti-oxidant

(Good for Diet and Skin Care)

CASTOL has anti-oxidant, an evolutionary product of the past several decades of researches with drug addicts

“ The best doctor is the one who detoxes the patients “

Dr. Martin Henry Fisscher says,

“ Half of the mordern drugs could well be thrown out of the window, except that the birds might eat them “



CASTOL helps improve anti-aging and skin care.

Anti-aging started inside body results in aging skins. Deteriorating metabolism reveals aging


As human body ages, biological metabolism deteriorate and cells decrease to maintain moisture.

Against aging skins, efforts to strengthen activating metabolic functions and maximizing anti-oxidant

level are believed to be foremost important.

CASTOL helps improve discharging carcinogenic heavy metal deposits and homocysteines

accumulated in human body

and helps improve natural healing power of human body.

Natural healing power of human body is beleived to help improve obesity and gain weight and is

believed to be effective for diet.

CASTOL  helps improve taste bud and helps choose healthy foods over fast foods.


Benefits of CASTOL

• Helps to improve energy level

• Helps to improve detoxification

• Helps to improve immune system

• Helps to improve cell activity

• Helps to improve liver functions

• Helps to improve anti aging and healthy skin


Toxics in envoironments

• Toxics entered through mouth and skin

• Toxics accumulated in body: Heavy metals, fats, harmful viruses, oxidation-inducing

substances, medications, food additives, etc.

• Toxics in colon, blood and other organs

• Toxics are believed to be the causes of blood circulation disorders, homone secretion

abnormality, nerves palsy, inflammations, pains, cancers and others


Needs of CASTOL

• Toxics (uric acid, ammonia, lactic acid and homocysteine) accumulated from diets are believed to be the causes for diseases

• Mercury level in the ocean is reported to have doubled in the past decade

• Weakened natural healing power of body

• Accumulated toxics in body are believed to lessen the effectiveness of diet

• More than 4000 additives are believed to be added in the processed foods



• CASTOL  helps to improve regenerate and activate somatic cell and capillary cell

• CASTOL  helps to improve intestinal peristalsis

• CASTOL  helps to improve discharge of carcinogenic metals, pesticides and additives in the body

• CASTOL  helps to improve detoxication of alcohol, cigaretts, drugs and chemicals like antibiotics


Good for people:

• who have cancer and have treatments or like to prevent cancer

• who like to quit alcohol, smoking and drugs

• who do not know the symtom(s) of illness

• who has chronic disease and inflammatory diseases

• who has metabolism disorder( e.g. who has cold lower body)

• who has diabetes,highblood presure, hypotension and hypoglycemia

• who has gastrointestinal disorder

• who has weakened immunity

• who has depression and panic disorder

• who like to have a diet for pretty and healthy looking face

• who has Lou Gehrig’s and AS(Ankylosing spondylitis)


Provided by Cnaturalife Inc.

제품과 100% 동일한 사진을 사이트에 반영하기 위해 노력을 하고 있지만, 제품 제조사가 포장 혹은 성분을 업데이트하는 경우 사이트의 정보 업데이트까지 시간이 소요될 수 있습니다. 적절한 제품 사용을 위해 제품 포장에 있는 내용을 기준으로 사용하시길 권장해드립니다.

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