“I am 60 years old, I am 5’3 and was 180 lbs. I suffered from depression and mostly enjoyed watching TV all day long and eating snacks. I was shocked when I started taking DeToxin after consulting with my doctor. I had a number of flare-up symptoms after taking in for 2 months. I’ve now lost 25 lbs and I’m so happy I can do more things. I now can’t believe I suffered from depression.”
Kim M. from Houston, TX


“I am a homemaker and had stomach disorders for 36 years. I had gone to a number of hospitals for this reason. During meals, I would eat only two spoons of rice and I’d immediately had to go to the bathroom due to a stomach ache. I really enjoy hot and spicy food but could never eat it. After taking DeToxin for 2 months, I can now eat a bowl of rice as well as hot and spicy stew. I’m much happier now that I can eat certain foods I wasn’t able to eat before.”
Deacon Kim from Los Angeles, CA


“My son Isaac is a 5 year old boy. He was seriously affected by atopy dermatitis and asthma. He took two pills of DeToxin every day and his stool smelled really bad for two weeks. From the third week, his skin became soft and moisturized – it’s itchiness has decreased and has become less sensitive to the cold.”
Isaac’s Dad from Long Island, NY


“After giving birth to 3 children, my menstruation stopped for ten months. The lower part of my stomach felt uncomfortable and I had many infections in my womb. I took DeToxin and Meno 7 for two months and my period has become normal and I’ve become less tired and feel vibrant.”
Julie from Boston, MA


“I took two pills of DeToxin twice a day. My pimples and allergic symptoms (runny nose) disappeared after three weeks. In the beginning stage of taking the supplements, my nose would be runny and I experienced serious headaches. But after one week, all my symptoms improved.”
Christian from Flushing, NY


“I am a 73 year old man and I’ve been taking medicine for prostatitis for a year. After taking DeToxin for 4 months without my prostatitis medicine, its chronic symptoms disappeared. My constipation also disappeared. When I first started taking DeToxin, I felt tiredness but after one month, my body condition felt much more refreshed. Also, I’ve noticed my nails and hair grow faster.”
Tony from Los Angeles, CA


“6 weeks after taking DeToxin, my blood sugar level was at 130 mg/dl before meals and after, it was 160 mg/dl, and two hours after meal it became 135 mg/dl. After taking DeToxin for three months, my tiredness which has chronically bothered me has disappeared. My taste for food has also changed. I am more attuned to natural foods and don’t crave artificial or fast foods. I’m really thankful for this product and appreciate the detailed friendly explanation of how DeToxin works. I hope my successful story can help other people as well. I’m really thankful for the research team of this company.
Richard K from Long Beach, CA


“I am 70 years old. I’ve suffered from low blood pressure and stomach aches and I’ve been taking medicine to control the fluctuation of my blood pressure. After 6 months of taking DeToxin and Meno 7 my blood pressure fluctuation has become normal.
Andrea from Houston, TX


“I am woman aged 50 years and have been facing menopause the last few years. Due to a decrease of estrogen, I had dry skin and a loss of elasticity and more wrinkles. I lost my heart for believing that my skin was aging rapidly. Moreover, my face would be hot and sweaty. I would sweat more often in the middle of the night. The following morning, I’d be anxious and tired. I hated waking up on those days. I was introduced to Hormone product by a friend and after taking it now, I feel like I’m entering a new stage in my life. Symptoms of flushing in my face, feeling hot and cold, sweating during sleep, skin aging, insomnia, tiredness and depression has remarkably reduced. I feel like my womanhood has been restored at my age.”
Gina from Los Angeles, CA