NoBac Oil




NoBac oil
Bust-bad bacteria in toothbrush and mouth.
Bust -plaque buildup. Keep-breath fresh for hours

NoBac oil is an oil made from all natural ingredients.
There are no chemicals in it.

NoBac oil kills bad bacteria in the mouth and toothbrush.
NoBac oil is superb for oral diseases and dental hygiene and care.
NoBac oil kills hundreds of bad bacteria in a tooth brush wherein two hundreds fold more bad bacteria reside than there are in a toilet.

NoBac oil kills staphylococcus bacteria, candidiasis bacteria and other several hundreds of bacteria in the mouth
and toothbrush.
NoBac oil protects healthy good bacteria in the mouth.
NoBac oil is superb to remove plaque build-up.

NoBac oil is good for antibacteria and acute bronchitis. helps cure various inflammatory diseases, cold sore, gingivitis and periodontitis.

Other benefits: NoBac oil helps scratches, cuts, insects’ bites and pimples.
NoBac oil helps soothe pains from arthritis.

Instructions: 1. Spray NoBac oil on tooth brush after each using brush.
2. Brush gently gums and teeth without using tooth paste and you get freshened feeling.
3. Brush gently gums and teeth after spraying Pristine oil with a little tooth paste
on tooth brush if you want to strong
If you feel it is too strong, dilute Nobac with clean or distilled water before use.

Warning: Do not use it or directly touch eye or its environs.
Note: NoBac oil is very strong and powerful and you may feel numbness or burning on lips.
However, continual use will usually lessen the sensation and later it will disappear.
You are recommended to dilute it with distilled water or clean water before use in such a case.

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