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Dia-RC contains a corosolic acid extracted from banaba leaves

which is generally believed to be effective anti- diabetes and anti-cancer.

Corosolic acid is also believed to be similar as insulin and effective inducing glucose penetrate into blood cell .

Thereby corosolic acid helps improving and preventing diabetes and cancer.


MSM(Methylsulfonylmethane )

Harvard medical school research results says

MSM could be helpful in controlling blood glucose level. Dia-RC contains

MSM and is believed to be leading edge natural product in improving diabetes.



1. Dia-RC helps improving energy level and fatigue.

2. Dia-RC helps improving thirstiness.

3. Dia-RC helps improving appetite control.

4. Dia-RC helps improving frequent visits for urination.

5. Dia-RC helps improving cholesterol control.

6. Dia-RC helps improving constipation.

7. Dia-RC helps improving arthritis.

8. Dia-RC helps improving hands and foot numbness Helpful Dietary



1. Avoid dairy products and milk.

2. Avoid wheat meals.

3. Drink less water.

4. Eat barley or foxtail millet.



Take 2 capsules daily (90 minutes after breakfast and dinner).


If needed,;

Take 3 capsule daily(90 minutes after breakfast, lunch and dinner for first month).

For following month, take 1 capsule 90 minutes after breakfast and dinner.

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